• Unfair Lures Dinkum Shrimp 85mm/3.3"

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    nature identical bait. In profile and action. Paul�s Shrimp is unique in it�s design since it has a nature identical forward/downward gliding motion free-lined, but an upward/rearward twitching action similar to a living Shrimp when the fisherman retrieves the Paul�s Shrimp. Paul�s Shrimp is a highly effective bait when rigged under a popping cork, or simply free lined. Ultra-realistic with mobile eyes and Mylar tentacles this bait is almost a Trojan Horse on the flats. The fisherman can furthermore use this Paul�s Shrimp as a Top-Water since it will �walk-the-dawg� on the surface. Available in 85mm & 110mm Float, Fast Suspend and Superfast Suspending.