Part of my business includes fishing reel repair, as well as firearm repair and restoration, including re-jeweling, which is an old time gun smithing term for the restoration and re-plating of firearms/parts.

I have been a wet shave aficionado for many years,  and during this time have repaired, restored, and re-jeweled razors for friends, family, and local customers.  The demand for these services has increased to the point that restoring has become a viable part of my business.

12 Step Re-Jeweling Process

01.  We first clean the razor in an industrial ultra-sonic bath to remove all soap-scum and grime.

02.  The razor is then sanitized (Hydrocide).

03.  Adjustments are made to ensure factory correct functionality.

04.  The razor is then disassembled.

05.  All necessary parts are stripped of the original finish.

06.  All surfaces of the razor are then re-surfaced, removing most of any minor scratches, dents, and pit-marks.

07.  The razor is then plated in a bright nickel, to approximately three microns of thickness.

08.  The razor is then re-assembled.

09.  Factory settings are all re-checked.

10.  The razor gets a hand polishing, inside and out.

11.  All colored accents are addressed with factory standard colors that are baked on.

12.  Finally, the razor is cleaned, sanitized, and lubricated one last time, making it ready to deliver a B.B.S. shave.